Sharm el Sheikh.

3Köche Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008

"Hello my friend, where do you came from ?"

The most frequently question in Egypt.
14 days fun at 1-2-FLY FUN CLUB Mirabel.

1-2-FLY FUN CLUB Mirabel 2008 1-2-FLY FUN CLUB Mirabel 2 2008

original Video

Sharm-el-Sheikh 2 2008 Jessy Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008
Jessy leads the 1-2-Fly-Fun Club Mirabel with a lot of heart and mind.
She always helps, also with assistant staff at the hotel.
Hats off, Jessy. You have everything under control.

MirabelClub Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008
Holidays in the vicinity of Mount Moses, it was only so quiet in the early morning.

Little Michael Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008
Here, the little Michael and Uwe would like to be fetched
from mother of Marcel and Petra (mother from Mariesol),
out of the children's water paradise.

Elektro Roller Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008 Beach Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008 Beachparty Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008
Beachparty with over 30 Degree, an adventure.

Marcel Hip Hop Typ and Halbzeitschnitchen Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008

Uwe and Michael  Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008(Maxi) Der Sultan und die Sklavin. Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008

Abschied Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008Marcel,Mariesol,Christine,Petra, Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008 Uwe,Mariesol,Petra,Siven, Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008
Everything has an end, but the friendship remains.
Greetings also to Tanya, Stefan, Sebastian, Maria, Dominik,
Lydia, Gerhard, to Kaiserslautern, etc. etc.

Christine Koch Sharm-el-Sheikh 2008
Dear Christine, it is a pleasure to life with you.

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