Lloret de Mar 1988

Or how it all began.

It should be only a super holiday. .

Horst and Michael.
hoovers, insurance, shares...
there was almost nothing,
what we don't have sold..

Eventually it was summer.
Nerve-wracking teens
and it was hot.

That's exactly correct ???
 Lloret de Mar.

Even much more teens,
still hot and
a lot of sangria.

Horst and Michael.

when we arrived,
actually everything was over ...
No one knew that.

There we met our current women.
1988 Michael and Christine.

Love at first sight ???

1988 Sabine and Horst.

Love at second sight ???

20.08.1988 Large farewell.
August 20th, 1988
for a few days.
Registry office at 29th December 1989.

Registry office at December 29th, 1989

The fun continued.
Horst and Sabine had him first.

Sabrina born July 07th, 1989

Marcel and Maximilian.
Marcel, Maximilian, Sabrina. Nina and Justin.
Nina and Justin.

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