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Images that I don't show so willingly.
I have to show my colors.
Contemporary witnesses.
1965    No champion shot
15 years later I was "champion shot" king of the rifleman.
Who give the children always these weapons ???
Michael with full beard.
Full beard ok, but with 19 years ???

Haus-Koch 1987 Michael and the geese
This isn't a photo montage.
For the geese a bloody fact, no kidding !!!
1985 Abendschule
So I went back to school.
In the evening.
I couldn't see the blood.

After the German "Middle maturity"
in Werdohl and
gymnasiale the upper stage
in Menden,
I lost my appetite at school..

I has been representative.
Thanks to Horst.

The representative.

Or how it all began.

Hello Friends
I don't have a photo
from the Porsche,
Oldsmobil Custum Cruiser V8 5,7 ltr
and the BMW.
At least,
the police should have plenty of them.

Please send me one.


Again an example, this picture is OK. More like this:  SLK 350 sports engine Please-send-me-one

But this picture, do not work.
We don't want these photos. Definitely not if transfer form hang on them.

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