Michael in yasni heaven

Michael in yasni heaven (17.11.20008)

"stay close to me"

Thanks to all at Yasni.
Fans. Friends. Family and all others.

Michael Koch
Michael from www.123Koch.de
PS.: "stay close to me" Add me on Yasni

The question remains:
Who has the best reputation in the world? Who has the best reputation in the world?

Everything has it's time

had his time.
One year is over.
I wanted it, I did it, I've made it, "Thank you".

"To think I did all that,
and may I say, not in a shy way.
Oh no. Oh no, not me."

First, the German Web Award, then VIP 1.

Now it's enough.
There's a new challenge.
"carpe diem - seize the day"

One day, one month, one year, there will be no "one man show"
The eternal NR1. No.
And so, the end is near. But it's not "The Final Curtain".

Today there are 685 information, over me on yasni.
Every day will deleted a link.
Until I am no longer VIP 1.

Sorry Bent,
you had me asking, and I have not said anything.

Tedora , my favorite counselor.
"Yes, it was my way."

Two thousand times,
Zweitausend mal, Danke
"Something sweet - Greetings Michael"

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