Marcel in Kiddieland   Maxi in Kiddieland
A little bit "Chill Out" in Kiddieland. Before it right start.
Condor   pink heart
Pink hearts on the Condor.

Michael 2009
The hotel and the rooms were OK, only the alcohol. I haven't tolerated.
Such "Manneken" I never do it in Europe.. (and I don't smoke.)
Clouds in Hurghada
Now with the first cloud-veil up in the bed, weren't fortunately very often since. (OK only once.)
Essen am Strand  
At now, for dinner on the beach of Hurghada, only water.
down to the boat
Our boat was also there. Captain Michael
Well. Starting down to the Island. down to the Island
But not without our friends.
on the Boat1
on the Boat2

"All nine" on a table.
Maxi 7 2009   Christine und Marcel
Ultimately all were completely satisfied.

PS.: Christine "I love you baby and I can't get enough of you. I love you Baby"

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